Fernandino ka, Kayabe ka!

College Logo


The circle is perhaps the purest, most profound and most common symbol in existence. With the probably infinite billions of stars, planets, moons and galaxies full of the same, the circle is well represented in the physical universe in the form of spheres. A circle, having no beginning or end, represents infinity, eternity, wholeness and feminity. Other meaningfully significant symbols or objects are circular: Ouroboros, wheel of life, a halo around the head of a saint, etc. In a very practical way, it can be said that circles rule the world.

Star (Big)

Symbolizes the City of San Fernando’s identity as the Christmas Capital of the Philippines.

35 Stars

Represent the 35 barangays of San Fernando. The City College has a policy to give priority to the poor but deserving students from the 35 barangays of San Fernando.

Ribbon (Bottom)

Symbolizes quality and is used as a sign of awareness. It also represents the youth the students, who aspire to finish college regardless of their economic status.

Formation of Pillars

The pillars are arranged way upward symbolizing the path/ guidance that the college imbibes in the students in pursuit of their careers.

Men with Gear

Represents equity in the opportunity and right to education for all. As the advocacy of the City College is to provide quality education just like other colleges and universities.


Symbolizes knowledge for all; education is not only for the wealthy, and poverty should not be a hindrance to quality education.


Stands for knowledge and enlightenment which may be acquired through education.

Pillars (8)

According to numerology, the number 8 is a perfect number that represents the foundation and strength of the College.

Color Meanings

BLUE – trustworthiness and constancy

GREEN – balance, harmony and stability

YELLOW – optimism, enlightenment, happiness and the promise of a positive future.

GRAY – security, maturity, strength and dependability. It connotes responsibility and conservative practicality.

RED – power and confidence. It is also used to grab attention and to get people to take action.

Pamag-kulit Interprepatation
(Culture, Education, Values)

CULTURE – the college maintains and teaches the Kapampangan Culture.

EDUCATION – the main purpose of the College is to give good quality education

VALUES – proper values are taught together with quality education for holistic development