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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is there a maintaining grade?

A: Yes. The maintaining average grade is 83 and no grade below 80 in any subject.

      Q: What are the programs (courses) offered?

      • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
        • Financial Management
        • Marketing Management
        • Operations Management (New)
        • Human Resource Management (New)
      • Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship (waiting for CHED approval)
      • Bachelor of Science in Accounting Information System
      • Bachelor of Science in Accountancy (waiting for CHED Approval)
      • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
      • Bachelor of Elementary Education
      • Bachelor of Secondary Education (Major in Engulsh, Science, and Mathematics)
      • Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (waiting for CHED Approval)

Q: Is there an age limit for new enrollees?

A:  None

Q: What modality will be implemented?

A:  Face-to-Face and blended

Q: When can a student file a leave of absence?

A:        1. Health reasons (accompanied with Medical Certificate and related documents)

           2. Pregnancy

Q:  Are students allowed to drop?

A:  Yes.  Accomplished Official Dropping Form shall be filed within 45 days after first day of classes.  Dropping beyond the 45 days shall be considered unofficial.