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Student Affairs

The student affairs provides holistic activities to complement academic instruction intended to develop well-rounded students to become responsible citizens and leaders as well.

      1. Supreme Student Council
        a. Institute Councils
          i. Institute of Accounting Information System Student Council
          ii. Institute of Business Administration Student Council
          iii. Institute of Education Student Council
          iv. Institute of Information Technology Student Council
      2. Recognized Student Organizations
            i. The Star Chronicle
            ii. ASLAG Dance Troupe
            iii. Tinig Sanghaya Chorale
            iv. ASLAG Sports Club
            iv. ASLAG Sports Club
            vi. English Trailblazers
            vii. Math Pirates
            viii. Iconic Genes
            ix. The Page Turners
            x. Young Entrepreneurship Society
            xi. Junior Marketing Association
            xii. Junior Finance Association
            xiii. Lingap Community
            xiv. Gender Development and Rights Advocate Society (GENDRAS)
            xv. ASLAG e-Sports Club